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Well then it’s a good thing I hate sports *slams button*

The year is 2027. It is Super Bowl season. The football players that have been selected for this year’s culling huddle in a sad, discontented mass in the middle of an overgrown stadium. The stink of fear mingles with the smell of fresh earth, an unholy bouquet for a terrible day.
Then they begin arriving, singly and in groups. Their claws glint in the harsh stadium lights, and there is blood matted into their fur. The football players put on their game face, but the hollowness of their eyes betrays their true hopelessness. There is no use fighting, other than to make a brave showing.
After all, everyone knows the bears always win.

Years pass. Teams deliberately lose games so they won’t be against them. Eventually, the Goverment starts a programme, to lessen prison overcrowding. Prisoners are selected at random, or so they say, to put on the jerseys and play the bears. None of them ever come back, and crime drops to almost zero. All is well, until there are no more prisoners. The goverment does not know how to choose, but they know that the Super Bowl must go on, and the bears must always win, and choose they must.

People huddle in their houses out of fear; mothers and fathers alike cry, for their children and themselves. No one is able to escape the choosing. The government has resorted to grabbing whoever they could find and carting them off to the point of no return. After all, the bears always win.

Until one brave teenage girl volunteers for The Game. She fights hard, determined to stop the carnage and return America to it’s previous glory. She’s never known walking freely through the city, uncaring and unworried, but she craves to know. Somehow, nobody knows how, she manipulates the system. Citizens watch from the stands and their televisions in shock and awe. For the first time in 74 years, the bears have lost.

*slow clap for hunger games fandom*

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A newspaper photographer was trying to take a picture of the fog looking over Wuhan Yangtze River in Wuhan, at Hubei province in China.In the background you will notice a body falling. It unbelievable how so many words a photo can say. People getting on with their lives, cars driving past and someone so low in their lives they feel they need to take their own and it going unnoticed it happening by the rest of the world

This is so deep:(

it breaks my heart…

fuck, wow

This was in the papers today and I couldn’t Believe it. It broke my heart

His lover jumped right after him…

How do you know his lover jumped right after him? And I was breathless for a second when I saw this.

I’ve been there, I saw this picture before I went there and I have no words to describe how I felt.

i don’t care about b&w I will display this on my blog forever

Go home purqe. Nobody likes you.

Love of my life!

Mother nature has a heartbeat